Episode 14: An Encounter

Posted on 30 June 2018

The following morning,  Jamie and Abi recommenced their journey towards Rouge City with the events of the previous night still on their minds.
  "Hey Jamie," said Abi, "do you think you're ready for your first Pokémon Gym challenge once we arrive in Rouge City?"
  "Uhm..." Jamie paused.
  "Oooh, I wonder what this awkward silence means." Abi remarked before giving Jamie the opportunity to respond.
  "WELL IF YOU GAVE ME THE CHANCE TO RESPOND!" blurted-out Jamie and then she sighed.

Jamie had just begun to train her team and she had no idea what to expect from Rouge City's Gym Leader. She had only battled two trainers so far in her journey, Angel, a beginner like her, and Abi, a more experienced trainer yet she did not battle Jamie at her full strength. Jamie realized that she needed to battle more Pokémon Trainers prior to challenging the Rouge City Gym in order to diversify her battle strategies.
  "Abi I don't know if I'm ready," continued Jamie, "I think Riolu, Eevee, and I need to battle a few more Pokémon Trainers or else we may not stand a chance at our first gym challenge."
  "That's fair," responded Abi, "I mean, I loved obliterating Pokémon Trainers' dreams when I was a Pokémon Gym Leader–"
  "Wait, what?!" interrupted Jamie, "you were a Pokémon Gym Leader?"
  "Huh? No?" replied Abi, who was trying to cover up the secret she just blurted out, "I SAID, if I were a Pokémon Gym Leader..."
  "Abi I know I heard you correctly," maintained Jamie, "seriously, how do I know so little about you? And how were you able to become a Pokémon Gym Leader at such a young age?"
  "What...? I've already told you my life story and never mentioned that, why would I decide to hide that kind of amazing achievement?" replied Abi.
  "I don't know Abi," Jamie said, "I think I heard correctly what you said befor–"

Before Jamie could continue maintaining what Abi mentioned previously, the girls encountered another person wearing the weird 'H' outfit.
  "Lady Abi," said the stranger, "we've finally found you!"
  "Wow, look, there are more of these guys dressed as fashion disasters!" Jamie remarked.
  "Oh jeez, not this again.." said Abi, annoyed by the encounter, "what point of 'STAY AWAY FROM ME' do you not understand?"
  "I come with a message from Admin–"
  "Oh yeah?" asked Abi impatiently as she reached in to her fanny pack, "what is it?"
  "Quick before she throws a Pokéball,"  shouted the man, "grab her!"

All of a sudden, 4 more grunts jumped out of the bushes and swiftly surrounded Abi before she could throw out a Pokéball.
  "Tie her up," yelled one of the grunts, "quick, before she makes a sudden movement!"
  "I think we got her this time boys!" yelled another grunt"
  "We must alert the Admin that we have successfully captured her," instructed the grunt who stood across from the girls, "they are waiting for our update."
  "Will do sir!" replied the third grunt.
  "Quit standing there Jamie," Abi yelled, "do something, I really don't want to have to hear another boring monologue from that dumb Admin!"
  "Seriously, can you please explain why you get all the attention?" Jamie asked as she stood in her place, "why don't those guys try to tie me up as well?"
  "You're useless to us, dear child," replied the commanding grunt across from her.
  "Excuse me?" heatedly asked Jamie as she reached for her Pokéballs, "do you mind repeating what you just said?
  "Let me explain it to ya missy," replied one grunt, "ya don't stand a chance defeating all five of us, just give up now and go back home to yer mommy!"
  "Oooo!" cried a grunt sarcastically, "look at the scary wittle girl reaching for her Pokéball!"
  "She probably has like one Pokémon," howled the fifth grunt, "it's probably not even that strong!"
  "This will be a walk in the park!"
  "A piece of cake!"
  "Like taking candy from a baby!"
  "Jamie do something!" yelled Abi, "I can't take anymore of their terrible references!"

The grunts continued to laugh at and mock Jamie, only enraging her further. It was different than how Angel treated her, she could not just stand by and allow the situation to occur.
  "Oh gentlemen," replied Jamie furiously, "you are going to REGRET your actions."
  "That's the spirit!" Abi cheered.
  "Quickly, we must not waste any more time making fun of the other girl," the commanding grunt observed, "we need to take Lady Abi to the meeting area!"
  "Quick, Riolu use Force Palm, and Eevee use Helping Hand!" yelled Jamie as she threw her Pokéballs.
  "Not on my watch," yelled the commanding grunt as he threw a Pokéball, "go Golbat, use your Gust attack!"

The foe's Golbat emerged from its Pokéball and successfully landed its move on Jamie's Pokémon, blowing them backwards.
  "Are you guys ok?" Jamie asked.
  "Vee-Eevee!" cried her Eevee.
  "Ri, ri," cried her Riolu, who sustained super-effective damage.
  "Eevee use Bite on the Golbat," yelled Jamie, "and Riolu use Force Palm this time on the tree to your left!"

Riolu's Force Palm made the tree fall to the ground, and effectively gathered everybody's attention. This did not include Jamie's Eevee, however, as it successfully landed its attack on the enemy's Golbat.
  "What is she doing?" asked one of the grunts carrying Abi away.
  "I don't know," replied another grunt, "but she sure did miss!"
  "What a loser!" cried another grunt from laughter.

Jamie's clever distraction enabled Abi to squirm her body such that a Pokéball could fall out of her fanny pack. Luckily, as the grunts tightened their grip they did not notice the Pokéball fall, and she hoped that it would be any Pokémon that was not her Magikarp. Out emerged her Chatot as the Pokéball hit the ground.
  "Perfect, Chatot, help free me from these annoying guys," commanded Abi, "use Uproar!"
  "Chatot. Chatot. CHAtot! CHATOT!" cried the Pokémon drastically increasing in volume.

The grunts covered their ears giving Abi the opportunity to escape and run back to Jamie's side. Her Chatot followed her while the grunts ran to their companion's side.
  "They always tell us that ya are quite the clever one, Lady Abi," observed one of the grunts, "but unfortunately for you, we have you outnumbered."
  "You probably all have Zubats or something," scoffed Abi, "I'm going to make you guys regret ever trying to trap me! Ready Jamie?"
  "Uhh, I guess so," said Jamie, "Eevee and Riolu are you guys ready?"

Jamie's Pokémon cheerfully responded as they were glad Abi was no longer held captive. The grunts grinned as they threw their Pokéballs on to the field and emerged a Slugma, Graveler, Seviper, and Granbull.
  "Just to keep things interesting," declared Abi as she threw out a Pokéball, "I'm going to allow you guys keep your petty little numerical advantage."
  "Their Pokémon look strong Abi," Jamie observed, "are you sure about this?"
  "All we need is my lovely Psyduck!" chanted Abi.
  "Duuuck," cried the Psyduck as it emerged from its Pokéball.
  "A Psyduck?" replied one of the grunts as they all laughed, " don't tell me that this is your secret weapon, my Lady."
  "Attack!" shouted the grunts, commanding their Pokémon.
  "Well, you guys are asking for it," yelled Abi, "Psyduck use Telekinesis and then Confusion and Chatot use Aerial Ace!"
  "Eevee use Helping Hand and Riolu use Metal Claw," yelled Jamie.

Jamie and Abi's Pokémon successfully landed all of their attacks and sent the grunts' Pokémon flying back towards them. Their Pokémon were all knocked out.
  "Retreat!" cried one of the grunts.

To be continued...
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Kingdoms on 1 July 2018 7:19 AM
Once again Jamie is useless!
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