Episode 13: Ghost Stories

Posted on 14 May 2018

The sun set and Jamie and Abi had eaten dinner at their campsite. They were sitting beside a campfire that Abi had just prepared, which she started without the help from any fire Pokémon. Jamie was glad that she was not travelling by herself anymore, as she did not have to spend the evenings alone and Abi was quite an entertaining person to travel alongside. 
  "Hey Jamie, wanna hear a story?" Abi asked.
  "What kind of story..?" Jamie replied.
  "Well, a spoooOoooOOooky story," answered Abi.
  "Hmm, what do you think Eevee?" Jamie asked her Pokémon.
  "Eeee-vee!" replied the Eevee enthusiastically.
  "Well I guess that means it's story time!" Jamie said.
  "Oh pay attention closely, you will regret missing a second,"said Abi holding a flashlight towards her face.
  "Abi the last time you said something like that, I caught myself a Pokémon," responded Jamie, "a.k.a. earlier today."
  "Do you want to hear my story or not?" Abi replied pointing the flashlight towards Jamie's face, "I am the one trying to break the silence here!"
  "Ok fine, I was just kidding," said Jamie, "please tell me the story."

Abi pointed the flashlight back towards her face and locked eye contact with Jamie.
  "One day in a place not so far from here there was a boy," recounted Abi in a deep voice, "he was a loner, a real nobody–"
  "What was his name?" Jamie interrupted.
  "His name does not matter! Let me continue," said Abi, "the boy was a Pokémon Trainer like you and I. He had defeated numerous Trainers and was always searching for tougher opponents to face. But one day.... HE LOST!"
  "Is that it?" Jamie asked and then yawned.
  "OOooOooOooooOoOooooO!" Abi said, "spooky, right?"
  "Abi that was literally the lamest, story, ever." Jamie commented.
  "Well you think you can tell me a better one?" Abi responded.
  "Fine. Give me that flashlight," commanded Jamie reaching her arm over, "just you wait, your pants won't be dry."
  "Jamie, Magikarp is in its Pokéball," said Abi as she handed Jamie the flashlight, "there's no way it can use Splash and make my pants wet.."
  "That's not what I meant," replied Jamie, "I meant that my story will be so scary that–"
  "Oooohhh, that my Magikarp will come out of its Pokéball and use Splash?" interrupted Abi.
  "No..." Jamie said, "now can you just be quiet and listen."

Jamie froze for a moment as she tried to figure out a scary story to tell. A breeze passed threw and blew the smoke from the campfire in a shape that appeared like a Chansey, a Pokémon that Jamie was familiar of.
  "Before I begin my story, I have a question to ask," said Jamie, "Abi, you know how there are multiple Nurse Hooligan, right?"
  "Of course, the Quibak region is populated with Nurse Hooligans who run our Pokémon Centers," Abi responded.
  "Incorrect! There's the story of the one Pokémon Center in Quibak that has a female nurse!" Jamie announced.
  "A what?!" asked Abi.
  "Yes, would you like to hear her story?" Jamie said.
  "Please tell me," said Abi, "I want to know about this Pokémon Nurse!"
  "But I'm warning you," added Jamie, "you may not like what you hear..."
  "Ok I think I'm prepared!" Abi said as she opened a bag of popcorn.
  "Then let me begin," recounted Jamie, "the female Pokémon Nurse is like no other nurse in the Quibak region, not because she is a girl but because of the secret that she hides. But before I get to telling you that secret, I need to tell you more about this nurse. She is a woman fighting for female representation in a male-dominated profession and has encountered many hardships along her lifetime. But–"
  "Sorry, why do I need to know this?" Abi interrupted.
  "Can you maybe let me continue the story?" Jamie retorted, "I'll get to the point, so don't forget that. Now where was I?"
  "You were at something about hardships," answered Abi chewing on some popcorn.
  "Thanks," said Jamie, "But, the reason why she runs a Pokémon Center is because..."

Jamie froze once more, but this was not because she was trying to think of a story. Somebody just walked right right behind Abi. It was not just a random person, but it was the nurse.
  "Jamie?" Abi said, "why did you stop talking?"
  "Uhhhmmmm.. did you not just see that person behind you?" asked Jamie.
  "What person?" Abi inquired while looking over her shoulder, "I don't see anybody behind me?"
  "I swear to god I just saw the female Pokémon Nurse walk behind you!" insisted Jamie.
  "I think you're imagining things, I think..." said Abi seeing the nurse walk behind Jamie, "I, I-I-I just, saw the nurse."
  "This is not possible!" Jamie exclaimed, "there's no such thing as female Pokémon Nurses!"
  "Jamie you never told me her secret," recalled Abi, "maybe if we finish the story she'll leave us alone."
  "I don't want to finish the story!" cried Jamie, "perhaps it was a one-time occurrence."
  "Hopefully it is, too bad all of our Pokémon are asleep," Abi observed, "just finish telling me about this nurse.
  "Fine," said Jamie as she sighed, "I was going to say that the reason why she runs a Pokémon Center is because she KILLED the Nurse Hooligan who worked there.. The end!"

Both Jamie and Abi checked their surroundings for the female Pokémon Nurse, yet she was nowhere to be seen. They both hoped that what they witnessed was just in their imaginations, or perhaps it was some rare telepathic coincidence. Just then, both girls witnessed the nurse walking through the forest.
  "You just saw her walking over there, correct?" Jamie asked.
  "Well I mean," replied Abi, "unless it's some random other female Pokémon Nurse out for a hike in the middle of the night, then I definitely saw her."

Jamie and Abi tried to look for the Pokémon Nurse, but she vanished from the area again.
  "There's no such thing as female Pokémon Nurses," repeated Jamie, "there's no such thing as female Pokémon Nurses!"
  "I don't think that will work," said Abi, "just wait I bet you she will come walking over from behind us in about a minute."

They looked over their shoulders, and the nurse was in the clearing and walking towards them. Jamie and Abi could not run and leave their Pokémon behind or else the nurse could attack them instead.
  "Well, what did I tell you," observed Abi who gave herself a high-five.
  "This is no time to be joking around Abi," maintained Jamie, "this nurse is going to murder us just like that poor Nurse Hooligan. I'm too young to die!"
  "Have you heard anything else about this nurse?" Abi asked, "maybe there are some hints we can decipher about her."
  "That's not possible because I made the story up right now," Jamie uttered.
  "Oh... We're screwed," Abi noted, "she's getting closer."

The nurse continued to approach the girls and they screamed as she walked through the campfire. The noise woke up Abi's Swanna and Magikarp that rushed over as they witnessed Jamie and Abi frozen with tremor.
  "There's no such thing as a female Pokémon Nurses," both Jamie and Abi hugged each other and repeated continuously, "there's no such thing as a female Pokémon Nurses."
  "Sa-wanna!" cried the Swanna.
  "Oh Swanna! Use Air Cutter on that strange woman," commanded Abi.

The Swanna's attack directly hit the Pokémon Nurse and interrupted the illusion, revealing the Pokémon creating the nurse!
  "Amazing job Swanna!" Abi cheered.
  "Hhhaauuunnt..." cried the Pokémon as it ran away since its illusion was destroyed.
  "Was that a Pokémon that was just trying to haunt us?" Jamie asked.
  "Yes. I should have figured that that was a Haunter!" said Abi hitting herself on the head, "those Pokémon love to frighten people."
  "You KNEW about this Pokémon before and did not bother to tell me?" Jamie yelled waking up the rest of the Pokémon, "that's it I'm going to bed!"
  "Jamie wait! I have something to tell you," responded Abi, "Magikarp used Splash and now my pants are wet..."

Jamie began to laugh at Abi's remark and forgave her. The girls proceeded to put out the fire and go to sleep in order to be well-rested for their journey in the morning.

To be continued...
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