Episode 12: Route to Rouge City

Posted on 12 May 2018

  "Well, what did you learn?" asked Abi eagerly.
  "That everybody has their own style to catching Pokémon..?" replied Jamie, hoping that Abi would accept her answer.
  "Glad that I could help," Abi added as she reached in to her fanny pack, "Magikarp thanks for the help, now return!"
  "Magi-kaaaaaarp," cried the Magikarp as it returned to its Pokéball.

As Jamie and Abi continued walking, Jamie finally registered that she just caught her first Pokémon. She had to contain her happiness or else Abi would figure out that she was not paying attention to her tutorial. But wait, how would she explain to Abi that she 'spontaneously' obtained a Riolu? Now she needed to figure out some elaborate backstory that could convince Abi to believe her.
  "So, Jamie," observed Abi, "what did you catch over in that bush?"
  "Erm, I guess you noticed that I walked away," Jamie replied.
  "Well duh," added Abi, "but I don't care really, I'm glad my tutorial was able to motivate you!"

Before Jamie could reply to Abi, her stomach grumbled loudly since it was already noon and neither of the girls have had anything to eat since they left Soleil City. They decided to stop walking and set up a small picnic before continuing their journey towards Rouge City.
  "Hey Jamie, wanna show me what you caught?" Abi asked.
  "Uh, sure," Jamie said throwing out Riolu's Pokéball, "come on out!"
  "Ri ry," cried Riolu.
  "How cool," yelled Abi as she threw her Pokéballs on to the path, "it's lunch time everyone!"

All of Abi's Pokémon emerged from their Pokéballs: Psyduck, Swanna, Chatot, Magikarp, Goldeen, and Kyogre. Kyogre's presence terrified Jamie and her Pokémon, but she doubted anything could go wrong. Yet in a few seconds, Kyogre started charging up a Hyper Beam and aimed in Jamie and Abi's direction. Jamie saw her complete life flash before her eyes. She was certain this was the end for her, she had so much she wanted to accomplish and yet her life would be cut so short. Before Kyogre could release the Hyper Beam Psyduck rushed in to protect Abi, using Telekinesis and forcing the Kyogre to aim its attack towards the ground. What was even more strange was that afterwards Psyduck commenced yelling at Kyogre as if it were its Trainer, and the Kyogre appeared tearful and apologetic.
  "Abi... Why did your Kyogre just try to murder us?" asked Jamie, completely frightened.
  "Oh... That.... Kyogre hates me like 80% of the time because it CANT ACCEPT THAT IT HAS A POKÉMON TRAINER..." responded Abi who was not concerned whatsoever.
  "Uhm.. Why is your Psyduck still yelling at it?" Jamie asked.
  "Psyduck is trying to council Kyogre in to changing its habits," replied Abi, "not to forget that Psyduck was the Pokémon who helped me capture Kyogre!"
  "Psy-duck," cried the Psyduck who was overjoyed that everybody was safe.

Jamie and Abi sat down near a tree and ate the lunches that they packed, while their Pokémon ate some Pokémon food. Once everybody was finished eating, the girls cleaned up and returned their Pokémon to their Pokéballs, with the exclusion of Eevee, in order to recommence the journey to Rouge City. Jamie was eager to challenge the Pokémon Gym and hoped that there would be no more distractions. She would need to practice battling with Riolu and Eevee first, but she figured she could do so once she arrived to the Pokémon Centre there.

Jamie hoped she would run in to Cynthia again once they arrived. She really wanted to thank her for her encouragement back in Maple Town, yet the events of that day had made her so emotional that she felt that she never had the opportunity to do so. And what if she ran in to Angel again? Jamie knew things would be different the next time, Angel would have likely expanded her team and gotten stronger as well.

After travelling for a few more hours, Jamie and Abi decided to set up camp and relax with some of their Pokémon. Abi even offered to teach some battling styles to Jamie, and she only spent half of the time flopping on the ground! Although Abi's actions were somewhat strange, the advice she offered Jamie was incredibly helpful. Jamie practiced battling her Riolu against Abi's Swanna.
  "Now Riolu, dodge Swanna's Wing Attack," commanded Jamie, "and now attack while its head is turned."
  "Riiiiolu," cried the Riolu who noticed something rustling in the bushes.
  "Nice try Abi, you're not going to fool me that easily," observed Jamie.
  "But that's not me," replied Abi, "I'm standing right here.."
  "Uh, what?" Jamie said, "then what's in the bush now?"
  "I seriously don't know but things need to learn to hide in other places," Abi responded.

As the girls walked towards the bush to investigate the rustling, it ceased and there was no source to be found. They figured that it must have been just the wind and returned to preparing their dinner.

To be continued...
Comments (2)
Kingdoms on 12 May 2018 1:46 PM
I'm so glad Sary is gone, she was such a stuck up bch!
Abi on 12 May 2018 11:02 AM
kyogre stop being a sore loser
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