Episode 2: A New Rival!

Posted on 9 April 2018

The girl who miraculously saved the day quickly ran over with her Sylveon and yelled, "is everybody alright?" Jamie gazed at this girl, who couldn't be much older than herself. It seemed like there were sparkles all around her, is what she seeing real? Maybe this is all a dream, maybe she hadn't even woken up for real yet?
  "Oh there she goes staring at girls again," said Angel with a snarky tone.
  "EXCUSE ME, I'M NOT THE ONE WHO WAS ABOUT TO DIE NOW WAS I?" Jamie yelled back at her neighbour.
  "Yeah? Well-" but before Angel could finish her insult the girl who had just saved her life had finally walked over to the rest of the group.
  "I hope you're all ok," said the mysterious girl.  "We're fine," replied Jamie, "I don't think my new Pokémon is however."
  "Oh dear, I think we need to get it to a Pokémon Center, stat!" said the girl.
  "There's just one up the street from here!" said Courtney, "I'll remain here with Angel and the Professor. Rach do you mind taking Jamie to the Pokémon Center?"
  "No problemo!" replied Rach cheerfully, "the nurse there is so sweet!"
  "I'll come too!" said the mystery girl.
  "Sylvi!" her Pokémon added on.

As the group separated, Jamie looked back to see Angel sticking her tongue out at her. Professor Jasaan was not only visiting to give Jamie a Pokémon, but he came to give Angel one as well. Jamie was crushed, how could that awful girl next door be receiving a Pokémon for herself?
  "Are you worried about your Eevee?" asked the mystery girl, "quick, Sylveon use Heal Bell!"
  "Siil," said the girl's Sylveon while its ribbon-like feelers wrapped around Jamie's Eevee in order to begin to heal it.
  "Thanks," said Jamie while she was wiping the tears away from her eyes, "I didn't expect my first Pokémon battle to end up this way..."
  "Please don't be sad!" said Rach with a smile on her face, "I believe you tried your best and in the end that girl who lives next-door is safe! We're almost at the Pokémon Center, just a little bit longer!"
  "I'm not worried, I just thought I was the only one becoming a Pokémon Trainer today," replied Jamie.
  "It's a special day no matter what!" said the mystery girl, "When I was your age-"
  "You literally look the same age as me," abruptly responded Jamie.
  "Oh right, I am!" said the mystery girl.

Jamie became more curious of the mystery girl they had just encountered. 'Who is this girl?' she asked herself. But then again, the mystery girl helped save her Pokémon so Jamie could only be grateful, yet it had only made her even more curious of this girl. 'And why hasn't she introduced herself?' thought Jamie, 'For somebody who helped a group of strangers, yet remained so calm and composed. Furthermore, how for a girl my age can one of her Pokémon be so strong?' She needed to find out her name, maybe then she could find out more about this mystery girl. 

The girls arrived at Maple Town's Pokémon Center and they went inside. Thanks to the girl's Sylveon, Jamie's Eevee had recovered some of it's strength but still required some attention from the nurse.
  "HELLO, WELCOME TO THE POKÉMON CENTER, HOW MAY I BE OF SERVICE TO YOU TODAY?" yelled the nurse from her station across the room.
  "MILKTANK!" said the nurse's Pokémon while it waved at the group from beside the nurse.
  "Oh goodness," uttered Jamie in her breath as she looked at the nurse and his Milktank.
  "Nurse Hooligan we have an injured Eevee that needs some attention," said the mystery girl, "it battled a wild Skorupi but sustained some damage. I had my Sylveon use its Heal Bell on it while we were on our way here!"
  "Let me take a look!" said the nurse as the group reached his station, "this is nothing too severe, just a quick spray of some Potion and your Eevee will be back to normal!"

Nurse Hooligan sprayed some Potion on Jamie's Eevee and the Pokémon opened it's eyes. There was a rustling in the bushes outside near the window, it must have been another Pokémon moving around so they didn't investigate it. They turned their focus back towards the revived Eevee.
  "Vee.." said the Eevee softly.
  "THERE GOOD AS NEW," proclaimed Nurse Hooligan, "GOOD JOB MILKTANK!"
  "Thank you Nurse Hooligan," said Rach, "we can always count on you!"
  "TANK!" said his Pokémon, who was overjoyed that they healed another patient.
  "Yes, thanks so much Nurse Hooligan," Jamie said as the nurse handed her back her Eevee.
  "All in a days work!" replied the nurse, "come back anytime!"
  "We should head back Jamie," said the mystery girl, "your mother is probably very worried and would appreciate to know that everything is alright."
  "Ok," replied Jamie, "Eevee are you ready to go home?"
  "Vee-vee!" said the Eevee and looking at Jamie. It had fully recovered it's health and was smiling. It's smile was contagious, everybody was happy now.
  "Oh I can't take it!" said Rach while hugging Jamie and Eevee together, "I love when everybody is smiling, it makes my heart melt! This is why I became a Pokémon Researcher!"

After Rach stopped hugging Jamie and Eevee, the group began their return back to Jamie's house. Eevee was resting on the Sylveon's back, they already got along quite well even though they had just met.
  "You know Sylveon is an evolved form of Eevee? It has a total of eight different evolutions!" said Rach, "I heard that you have to be quite the caring Pokémon Trainer to evolve your Eevee in to one of those!"

The Professor's assistant's words made the mystery girl blush and her Sylveon began to laugh at her. This girl was quite shy, she became speechless from Rach's compliment and made the entire group begin to giggle. Jamie began to figure that Sylveon was not the only strong Pokémon that this girl possessed, she could have one, two, maybe an entire team of awesome Pokémon that they had yet to witness!
  "You're flattering me!" said the mystery girl.
  "Say..." Jamie said, "I never caught your name, what is it?"
  "I would love to know as well!" said Rach.
  "My name's Cynthia!" said the mystery girl, "I guess I got all caught up in this commotion that I completely forgot to introduce myself."

But before Jamie could ask Cynthia any more questions, the group had already arrived back at Jamie's house. That was not all, Professor Jasaan was out there with the neighbour girl Angel and they were talking. Jamie did not want to face the truth, she had almost completely forgotten that Angel was going to get a Pokémon as well. She knew what was bound to happen next. "Hey Lame-ie!" said Angel, "look who got a Pokémon as well!" Angel was holding out the Pokéball that the Professor had just given her. 
  "Is it time for another battle already?" asked Rach joyfully, "two battles in one day, can the little Eevee handle it?"
  "We'll see!" said Courtney coming outside with her Politoed as they heard her daughter's voice, "I'm just glad to see that everybody is fine."
  "It's on!" yelled both Jamie and Angel.
  "This is the REAL first battle I wanted to witness," Professor Jasaan said, "ladies let's migrate to the space behind the Pokémon Center!"

Jamie's heart was pounding again, the group arrived to the rear of Maple Town's Pokémon Center and the two girls were standing on opposite ends of the arena from one another. Nurse Hooligan came outside of the Pokémon Center with his Milktank to witness the Pokémon battle as well. Strangely enough, the bushes near the window rustled again as he walked past them. 
  "Goodluck Jamie! Sylveon and I are cheering for you!" yelled Cynthia.
  "Sylveon!" yelled the Sylveon.
  "She's going to need luck!" replied Angel.
  "She's going to need luck," murmured Jamie in an annoying voice.

Angel threw her Pokéball on to the field and out emerged her Pokémon. 

To be continued...
Comments (3)
Angel on 17 April 2018 4:17 PM
im not this mean im very out of character
Kingdoms on 13 April 2018 1:26 PM
Why is Nurse Hooligan so enthusiastic he should be dead inside.
Jamie on 9 April 2018 10:18 AM
These characters r all messed up bye !!!! im not a pussy !!!
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