Episode 3: Ducklett

Posted on 9 April 2018

  "Espurr!" cried Angel's new Pokémon as it exited its Pokéball.
  "Ooh you gave her the Espurr Professor?" remarked Rach cheerfully, "I think that's a wonderful choice!"
  "It hasn't even started yet.." replied Courtney while giving a side-eye stare at the nurse, "are you always this excited?"
  "YES! I am!" said the nurse, "Isn't that right Milktank?"
  "TAANK!" said the Milktank with an oddly similar personality to that of the nurse.
  "Can you guys pay attention to me please?" yelled Jamie while she waved her hands in the air, "Eevee, I believe in you! Give it your all!"
  "Eevee-vee!" said Eevee with a determined face.
  "Nobody cares about you Jamie," said Angel with a snarky tone in her voice, "they already know who the clear victor is even before the match started. Now, GO ESPURR!"
  "Purr!" said the Espurr as it ran in to the battlefield.
  "Now's your chance to show Angel how wrong she really is Eevee!" yelled Jamie, "Now, use Tackle!"
  "Vee!" said the Eevee while it ran to begin its first attack.
  "Give it all you got Jamie and Eevee!" said Cynthia, "You too, Angel and Espurr!"

Professor Jasaan didn't reply because his mouth was full of Indian food that he had purchased from the restaurant across the street from the Pokémon Center. It was the original reason he asked the group to migrate towards the Pokémon Center, but nobody had to know the truth.

Before the two Pokémon could make any contact in battle, the bushes near the Pokémon Center's window rustled again. Something was definitely there. The only person to notice this was Professor Jasaan, as he was the only person whose attention was entirely devoted to the battle and the strange noise distracted him from further enjoying his Indian food. "Something's going on," he said to himself.
  "What's that?" said Rach, "What do you mean?"

Professor Jasaan could not explain himself as his mouth was savouring all of the Indian food he purchased. From the rustling bush emerged a Pokéball on to the battlefield right in between the two other Pokémon. Everybody was taken by surprise, except the Professor since he couldn't afford to spit out his food.
  "Ducklett!" called out the Pokémon.
  "What? Who's Pokémon is that?" asked Courtney, "Where did it come from?"

Both Eevee and Espurr were about to make contact with the Ducklett, when it used an Air Cutter attack and sent the two flying. Nobody could believe what they were seeing, with the exception of Professor Jasaan who finally swallowed his mouthful of Indian food. But before he could say what he noticed, something else happened!
  "Duck, ducklett!" said the Ducklett as it began to glow with a white light. 
  "Oh my, it's evolving!" said Rach.
  "Sa-wanna!" cried the newly-evolved Pokémon.

Before anybody could react further, a girl emerged from the bush near the Pokémon Center window. It was the Swanna's Pokémon Trainer!
  "What the heck Swanna," yelled the girl at her Pokémon as she walked away from her hiding spot, "I told you not to evolve until you lured Choong away from the Pokémon Center!"
  "Who is she?" asked Jamie.
  "I don't know," replied Nurse Hooligan, "more importantly, how long has she even been hiding out there? The bush has been rustling at odd moments for the last few days.."
  "REVENGE TAKES NO BREAKS!" yelled the girl at the nurse.
  "Well look at the size of those wings," Professor Jasaan said as he begun to examine the newly evolved Pokémon, "truly impressive! Wouldn't you agree Rach?"
  "It's so majestic!" yelled Rach from her viewing spot, "but Professor, there's still a battle going on. Now get off the battle field!
  "Can we all stop being distracted and get back to watching me wipe the floor with Angel PLEASE?" said Jamie.
  "As if Lame-ie!" said Angel
  "Oh dear, I think both Pokémon fainted!" said Courtney.

Both Jamie and Angel were annoyed to discover that their first battle was cut so short. Not even Courtney's special poutine recipe could change Jamie's mood right now. While Jamie and Angel's negativity continued, Nurse Hooligan and Milktank had already begun to heal the two fainted Pokémon. Rach and Cynthia helped the nurse and his Pokémon as well.
  "MY NAME IS ABI!" yelled the girl.
  "I didn't ask!" said Jamie, Angel laughed at this reply.
  "Jamie!" yelled Courtney, "that is no way to greet strangers! Especially girls your own age!"
  "Fine," said Jamie angrily, "nice to meet you my name's Jamie."
  "And I'm Angel!" added on Angel, respectively.
  "NICE TO MEET YOU JAMIE AND ANGEL!" said Abi, " and Professor stop touching my Swanna unless you want to be next on my revenge list! Now... CAN SOMEBODY TELL ME WHERE CHOONG IS, HE HAS A DATE WITH DESTINY, A.K.A. MY RIGHT FIST!"
  "I like this girl," said Professor Jasaan to Abi's Swanna.
  "I have no idea who you're talking about," said Jamie, "in fact, I don't think anybody here knows who he is."
  "Well I wasted all that time for nothing!" proclaimed Abi, "Guess it is time to go now, nice meeting you all! Let's go Swanna, return!"

Just like that, in the middle of the scene she created, Abi left on the path towards Soleil City. Nurse Hooligan, Milktank, Rach and Cynthia were able to revive Espurr and Eevee and return them to their respective Pokémon Trainers.
  "Guess it was a good thing you were here to help once again Cynthia," remarked Rach.
  "I haven't seen this much going on in quite a long time," said Cynthia.
  "TANK!" said the Milktank thanking both Rach and Cynthia for helping out.
  "I guess it's time for me to be headed on my way as well," said Cynthia, "Sylveon and I need to get back home, I completely forgot I was on my way before getting sidetracked by what was occurring over here!"
  "Sil-Sylveon," said the Sylveon
  "Where are you headed?" asked Courtney.
  "To Rouge City," replied Cynthia, "it's just East of Soleil City. It has a Pokémon Gym there, you should challenge it Jamie and Angel, but make sure to catch some more Pokémon and train them first!"

Cynthia departed on her way to Rouge City, while Courtney, Jamie, Angel, Professor Jasaan and Rach left the Pokémon Center. The Professor and his assistant had some more things to give the new Pokémon Trainers before they returned to Soleil City themselves. It's almost time for Jamie to start an adventure of her very own!
  "You guys finish up, Politoed and I will start working on dinner inside," said Courtney.
  "Only just a few more gifts!" said Professor Jasaan.

To be continued...
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Princehooligan on 13 April 2018 1:34 PM
rt Kingdoms
Kingdoms on 13 April 2018 1:31 PM
I hope Lame-ie dies.
paddleboard on 10 April 2018 2:39 AM
Dinner time
Jamie on 10 April 2018 12:37 AM
Nurse Hooligan here to save the day again
Princehooligan on 9 April 2018 8:58 PM
"Oh dear, I think both Pokémon fainted!" LMAOOOOOOOOO
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