Episode 4: The Journey Begins!

Posted on 13 April 2018

  "Gifts?" asked Jamie.
  "Yeah!" Rach replied, "The professor gives all the new trainers a set of Pokéballs, some Potions, a Town Map, and even a Pokédex! Isn't it great!?"
  "What's the Pokédex for?" asked Angel.
  "Well it's to help collect important Pokémon information," replied Professor Jasaan, "every Pokémon you scan with this device will have it's information recorded and then I can use it for my important research!"
  "You see girls, each Pokémon Professor specializes in different kinds of research," said Rach, "and Professor Jasaan here-"
  "Wait a second..." Jamie said interrupting Rach, "what you're telling me is that you're getting me to do your job for you? In fact, you're using children to do your work for you...? What is your research even regarding?"
  "Pokémon eating habits!" the Professor said eagerly.

Jamie literally face-palmed, she was flabbergasted by the Professor's response. "Of course it is," she replied while embracing the fact that she was going to be joining some sort of scheme to exploit children's dreams. At least she got a Pokémon out of it and not to forget that it was still willing to help destroy Angel, so that's always an added bonus. Both of the girls took the items from the Professor and his assistant.
  "It's getting late Professor," said Rach, "we need to get back to the Pokémon Lab in Soleil City!"
  "I don't want to head back before eating Rach!" Professor Jasaan responded, "I'm ready for another round of that absolutely delicious Indian food from across from the Pokémon Center!"
  "Professor! Remember, you have a fixed budget!" yelled Rach, "Not to mention that we need to get back to check on the situation over at the lab!"
  "What situation?" asked the girls, who then exchanged dirty looks at each other for asking the same thing at the same time.
  "Oh it's nothing," said Rach remembering that she blurted out something meant to be secret, "we'll show you it the next time you stop by!"
  "Of course we will!" replied Professor Jasaan while he glared at Rach for blurting out part of their top-secret research to two children, "but first, Indian food!"

The Pokémon Professor and his assistant parted the girls suddenly on their way to the Indian food store, however they were quite fortunate that Jamie and Angel didn't pick up on any cues. Surprisingly enough, Rach's contagious smile and the thought of more eating Indian food changed the Professor's mood entirely. The sun was beginning to set in the distance.
  "Well Lame-ie," said Angel, "I would love to stay outside and chat, but I hate the sight of your face."
  "Fine," Angel said while walking towards her house, "well I'll tell you this at least, I'm going to be starting my journey tomorrow and you will need a mop to wipe up your tears for the next time we meet!"
  "Until then!" Jamie said stomping over to her house and then realized what she agreed to, "but I won't need to do the mopping!"
  "Blah, blah, blah, meh, meh, meh!" yelled Angel from her doorstep, then proceeded to go inside.

Jamie open the door and went inside, fortunately for her Courtney and Politoed had just finished preparing dinner. It was pasta and poutine! Jamie's two favourite meals together! Her mom definitely knew how to cheer her up.
  "Dinner's ready dear!" said Courtney, "please take a seat at the kitchen table, and why don't you let your Eevee out so it can try some of my special Pokémon food I prepared!"
  "Toad-Politoed!" said the Politoed!
  "Ok, come on back out and eat Eevee!" Jamie said while throwing the Pokéball.

The group then proceeded to eat their food in the kitchen with Courtney joining Jamie at the kitchen table. Eevee and Politoed sat on the floor and ate together as well.
  "So I hear that you're thinking of starting an adventure tomorrow?" Courtney noted to her daughter while a smile on her face.
  "Mhmm.." said Jamie.
  "Well I think it's a fantastic idea, you get to experience so much while you're out on your own. And I hear that there are many beautiful and interesting locations to visit in the Quibak region!" she said optimistically in order to boost her daughter's morale.
  "It's a completely new region Mom," replied Jamie, "do you think I'm ready?"
  "If I thought you weren't ready, I wouldn't be so excited right now, would I?" asked Courtney, "I have even prepared some gifts for you myself! Or I guess that you do not want them..?"
  "NEVERMIND," Jamie cheered enthusiastically, "I CHANGED MY MIND GIVE ME GIFTS PLEASE NOW."

Courtney grabbed a bag from on top of the kitchen counter and placed it on the kitchen table. It was new clothes, a pair of running shoes, and a backpack too!
  "They're perfect!" yelled Jamie.
  "Glad I was able to change your mind so easily!" Courtney laughed.
  "Listen world!" Jamie stood up and yelled, "My name is Jamie and I can't wait to meet you!"
  "Jamie?! What did we discuss?" Courtney said, "We are still new to the neighbourhood and the neighbours get the wrong impression if all we do is yell!"

After continuing their meal, cleaning up, and being visited once again by the local Maple Town police department for yet another noise complaint, Courtney helped her daughter prepare for her journey that would begin the next day. Both Courtney and Jamie were filled with nervousness and excitement, it was going to be the last evening they spent together, as mother and daughter, at home for a very long time. After a few more evening activities and last-minute preparations in anticipation of the experience ahead, both Jamie and Courtney went to bed.

The next day, Jamie set off on her adventure with her Eevee on her shoulder. She left Maple Town on the path towards Soleil City, she had only ever passed through when she first moved to the Quibak region. She never had the opportunity to experience what this big city had to offer. What should she expect? Who could she meet? Will she meet any Pokémon on her way? Will she befriend any of them? So many questions and yet such few answers!

Suddenly, Jamie had the feeling that something was following her. She stopped and turned behind here, but there was nobody to be seen only the scenic landscape. She could feel the tickling but warm breeze as it blew through the bushes and the trees. Then why did she have this feeling?  Eevee could sense that Jamie was nervous and tried to comfort her. They still had more to travel longer to get to Soleil City, but they were past the outskirts of Maple Town. Jamie turned back around and continued on the path. But the sensation that something was following them continued. She turned around again to check her surroundings, but yet again it was only the landscape.

What was going on? Perhaps its a Pokémon? Possibly even a trainer who wants to battle? Her Eevee could not defeat them if they had strong Pokémon, but Jamie knew she could use her fists instead. Hopefully somebody in the distance could hear her if she yelled, that is, if something actually was wrong. She turned around again and hoped that her mind was only playing tricks on her, after all her Eevee was not nervous.

Jamie started walking again and then she heard something moving behind her in the distance.
  "Is somebody there?" Jamie called out as she looked again behind herself.
  "DIE!" yelled the voice.

To be continued...
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Jamie on 16 April 2018 5:04 PM
Who is harassing me I bet it's audemars
Kingdoms on 13 April 2018 1:36 PM
Yes finally Lame-ie gonna die.
Princehooligan on 13 April 2018 8:59 AM
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