Episode 6: What...

Posted on 19 April 2018

After a few hours, Jamie and Abi eventually arrived to Soleil City and fortunately for Jamie, she had no more distracting encounters. However, this does not include the distraction from her thinking created by Abi as she did not cease announcing her vengeance plans at full volume. The girls decided to stop by Soleil City's renowned department store before visiting Professor Jasaan's Lab.

Jamie could still not ignore the encounter with the guy with the 'H' uniform which occurred earlier that day. She believed that her and Abi could possibly run in to him or any of his comrades at any moment, especially since this guy could have easily figured out where the two of them were headed. Surprisingly enough, Abi had not done anything to attract attention to herself since they arrived to Soleil City.
  "Too good to be true..." Jamie uttered underneath her breath.
  "WE CAN MEET BACK HERE IN AN HOUR, THEN HEAD OVER TO THE PROFESSOR'S LAB," said Abi, deliberately announcing their arrangements to all the shoppers surrounding them, "DOES THIS SOUND GOOD?"

Abi then walked away and left Jamie on her own. Jamie looked around herself and noticed all the kiosks on the first floor which sold an extensive assortment of jewellery and makeup, many of which she had never seen before. Jamie was in awe. She could spend an eternity here, but her mother's voice echoed in her head reminding Jamie that she should 'spend her money wisely!' Jamie decided that it would be best to check out what other floors of the store offered.

Jamie's expectations were not disappointed as she saw a variety of kiosks and services in Soleil City's department store. She stopped on one of the levels to check out the clothing available. While she was browsing one of the clothing racks, Jamie looked over her shoulder to notice a girl trying on some really cute clothes.
  "Excuse me, miss?" the girl said to Jamie, "Can you get me this shirt in a smaller size?"
  "Uhm, I don't work here, sorry." Jamie replied.
  "Whoops!" the girl apologized, "so silly of me to confuse you for an employee!"
  "That shirt looks really cute on you, by the way!" Jamie said.
  "You think so?" the girl said while smiling due to Jamie's compliment, "I think you should try on these clothes over here!"
  "Oh, are you sure?" asked Jamie.
  "Please, I insist!" the girl said giggling, "I think they'd look great on you!"

The girl's giggle was contagious and Jamie could not refuse her request. Jamie decided to try on the clothes that the girl picked out for her.
  "Oh wow, you're right!" Jamie excitingly said while looking at herself in the mirror.
  "I am!" the girl said smiling.
  "But look at the price," Jamie remarked, "I can't afford this!"
  "Don't worry, it's on me!" said the girl.
  "Are you sure?"
  "Yes, I insist!"

As the girl was generously paying for the clothes she picked for herself and for Jamie, a man called the girl out.
  "Hey is that Sary?!" yelled the man.
  "It IS Sary!" another person announced.
  "Yes, I can't believe my eyes, it's the one-and-only Sary!" shouted another shopper on the floor.
  "It's Sary from the Elite Four!" somebody else commented.

All of a sudden, a crowd of people began swarming Jamie and the girl. This included shoppers, staff, and members of the paparazzi who were all trying to take pictures of the girl and Jamie, since she was beside her. They were asking questions and trying to take selfies as well. A reporter even believed that Jamie was a celebrity and began to interview her! The girl pulled Jamie away and they escaped the scene.

As the horde of people tried to catch up to Jamie and the girl, they quickly exited the department store and were searching for a place to hide. 
  "Quick let's hide in here," the girl said pointing to a building.
  "Ok!" replied Jamie.
  "EEEEEEEEEEEEK!" screamed Rach as the two ran in, "IT'S SARY! WHAT IS THIS HONOUR!? Oh, and she brought Jamie! Hello, Jamie!"

Jamie and Sary had coincidentally taken asylum in the Pokémon Lab.
  "Hey Rach!" Jamie said.
  "Just a moment!" Rach yelled running out the room, "Aaah! I need to go find something to get autographed!"
  "Get down behind that desk!" the girl yelled as she hid, "I see the crowd approaching!"
  "So your name is Sary, I presume?" Jamie said as the two were still hiding.
  "Yep! Nice to meet you! Haha!" she responded.
  "I think the crowd is gone," Jamie observed, "we can get up now."
  "I see somebody coming, stay down!" Sary commanded, "and remain quiet!"
  "Jamie? Are you in here?" Abi yelled, "I saw a crowd freakout and figured that you were behind it."
  "Oh it's just Abi," Jamie whispered to Sary and then began to stand up.
  "Be quiet!" Sary replied and pulled Jamie back to the floor, "This girl is dangerous, don't let her see you!"
  "What are you guys talking about?" Abi asked staring above the two smirking.

Jamie and Sary jumped up as Abi discovered where they were hiding. Jamie noticed that Sary and Abi's eyes locked on each other.
  "YOU!" they both yelled.
  "You two know each other?" asked Jamie who was surprised by the ongoing situation.
  "SARAH!" Abi yelled.
  "ABIGAIL!" Sary yelled back.
  "Seriously, what's going on?" asked Jamie.
  "How's the Magikarp?" Sary asked laughing sarcastically.
  "It's phenomenal, thank's for asking!" Abi replied.
  "Oh, sorry," Sary said, "Abi is my sister, and as you can tell, we don't quite get along–"
  "Don't get along is an understatement!" Abi interrupted, "the girl you're with stole my Pokémon and–"
  "Stole?" Sary retorted, "it was a honest and fair trade!"
  "That's what she wants you to think!" Abi yelled in retaliation while waving her arms frantically.
  "Oh yeah?" Sary said, "want to settle this in a Pokémon battle?"
  "You're on!" Abi said accepting her sister's challenge.

Jamie followed Sary and Abi as they stormed out of the Pokémon Lab and headed to the open space behind it. She was still incredibly confused by the ongoing situation and the sisters' squabble. Rach ran outside to meet the girls out back as well, she was holding her autograph book and astounded that she was about to witness a battle featuring Sary of the Elite Four!
  "Not everyday do you get to see an Elite Four battle!" Rach remarked to Jamie.
  "Not everyday do you get to see an Elite Four lose in battle!" Abi yelled at her sister.
  "Yeah in your dreams Abigail!" Sary rebutted and threw a Pokéball on to the field, "go Milotic!"
  "Mi-loooo!" cried the Milotic as it majestically emerged from its Pokéball.
  "That's it!" yelled Abi as she threw her Pokéball, "Go! Magikarp!"
  "Karp-karp-karp!" cried the Magikarp as it emerged and continuously flopped.

Both Jamie and Rach were stunned by Abi's choice of Pokémon. It made Sary laugh even more, thus making Abi even more enraged.
  "Milotic, the Tender Pokémon and the evolved form of Feebas, it is considered one of the most beautiful Pokémon as well as one of the most powerful." said Jamie's Pokédex as she scanned Sary's Pokémon.
  "Gee, looks like your Feebas evolved, congrats" Abi said sarcastically.
  "Can't say the same for your Magikarp," Sary replied, "do you even train that thing? Why hasn't it evolved in this long of a time?"
  "WELL I GAVE IT AN EVERSTONE THAT'S WHY!" remarked Abi enthusiastically, "Isn't that right Magikarp?"
  "Kaaaarp. Karp-karp." said the Magikarp.
  "Ok then...... Let's Begin!" said Sary, "Milotic use Ice Beam!"
  "Looo!" said the Milotic as it used Ice Beam and knocked out Abi's Magikarp.
  "MY BEAUTIFUL MAGIKARP NO! I WILL AVENGE YOU!" Abi cried, "You will regret doing that."
  "Hahahah, I don't feel any regret?" Sary said, "I traded you that Magikarp long ago and you still can't get over that I am the stronger sister!"
  "I CAN SO!" Abi yelled throwing her next Pokéball on to the field, "GO, FISHY!"
  "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWR!" loudly cried the Pokémon as it emerged.
  "WHAT THE...." Jamie said as her jaw dropped, "WHAT IS THAT POKÉMON?"
  "I THINK..." Rach replied with her jaw dropped as well, "I THINK THAT'S KYOGRE..."

Everybody's jaw dropped, excluding Abi's of course, even Sary's Milotic's jaw dropped. Abi actually possessed the Legendary Pokémon Kyogre.
  "Where the heck did you get that?" Sary asked since the Kyogre's presence actually frightened her.
  "Well, when I went on my trip to Hoenn  a while back, I joined Team Aqua and did some things and now I have Kyogre!" Abi replied eagerly.

To be continued...
Comments (8)
Rachy on 22 April 2018 3:00 PM
"EEEEEEEEEEEEK!", sounds exactly like me! Loving the positive vibes!
Princehooligan on 20 April 2018 10:33 AM
Sary on 20 April 2018 2:04 AM
yes it me! *twirls* @paddleboard @princehooligan
Sary on 20 April 2018 2:04 AM
brb flagging @kingdoms comment bobba u
Sary on 20 April 2018 2:03 AM
WHY DO I SOUND SO BLOODY ANNOYING BUT YES I AM ELITE FOUR BUT WHY " "Excuse me, miss?" the girl said to Jamie, "Can you get me this shirt in a smaller size?"" WHY DO I NEED SMALLER SIZE???? AND WHY DONT I HAVE A LEGENDARY POKEMON ????
Kingdoms on 20 April 2018 1:10 AM
I think you captured Sary's annoying nature perfectly. My only criticism is the unrealistic fact she is a member of the Elite Four.
paddleboard on 20 April 2018 12:00 AM
@sary I’m a real big fan
Princehooligan on 19 April 2018 2:52 PM
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