Episode 7: Siblings

Posted on 21 April 2018

  "Kyogre, the Sea Basin Pokémon. It is said that Kyogre is the creator of all the seas on the planet and it could drown every creature living on land if it desires to do so." Jamie's Pokédex said as she scanned Abi's Pokémon.
  "Vee-vee.." said Jamie's Eevee who was sitting on Jamie's lap and watching the ongoing Pokémon battle.
  "Jamie, do you have an umbrella?" asked Rach, "Kyogre's ability, Drizzle, is beginning to activate and it will not stop unless Kyogre is inside of its Pokéball or defeated. Prepare yourself for some heavy rain and an exhilarating battle ahead!"
  "Yes! I found it!" Jamie said as she opened it up to shield Rach and herself from the pouring rain.
  "Is that a Ditto?" asked Sary laughing off her fear from her sister's Pokémon.
  "NO?! IT'S MY FISHY!" yelled Abi, enraged by her sister's question, "DO I NEED TO PROVE IT TO YOU?"
  "Heheheh, okay," Sary replied, "bring it Abigail!"
  "I just have to point out that that's impossible," Rach yelled to Sary, "since the Pokédex would have not been able to scan the Pokémon if it were a Ditt–"
  "FISHY, USE HYDRO PUMP ON HER MILOTIC!" Abi said with a huge evil-looking grin on her face.

The moment Sary heard Rach's observation her facial expression changed entirely. She realized that Abi's Kyogre was the real deal. It even successfully landed a powerful attack on her Milotic, but it was not knocked out. In a moment, Sary realized the perfect way to take out this Pokémon and she was fortunate as her Milotic was the only one of her Pokémon which could probably do so.
  "Milotic!" Sary yelled, "are you ok?"
  "Lootic!" replied the Milotic.
  "Ready to apologize, my precious sister of mine?" asked Abi and then she laughed maniacally.
  "Apologize for WHAT?" Sary yelled, "trading the Magikarp you gave me for a Feebas?!"
  "Abi, we literally have a lake full of Magikarp that you caught.." said Sary.
  "Well there is clearly no talking sense in to you, and don't forget I still have 2 more Pokémon I can send out!." Sary said waiting for her sister to make the next move.
  "Fishy use Water Spout!" Abi yelled,  "I HOPE YOUR BELOVED MILOTIC CAN TAKE ANOTHER ATTACK!"
  "RAAAAAAAAAWWWR!" cried the Kyogre.
  "Quick, Milotic use Recover!" instructed Sary.
  "Miloo.." said the Milotic as it regained health, thus being able to tolerate the forthcoming attack.
  "How the..?" asked Jamie as she witnessed Sary's Milotic holding out against the Kyogre's attack.
  "Truly, marvellous!" said Rach who was amazed by the current Pokémon battle, "All the rumours prove to be true, Sary's Milotic is indeed an incredibly powerful Pokémon! Just watching it battle is totally thrilling!"
  "How... How is your Pokémon still standing?" asked Abi who could not believe that her sister's Milotic endured Kyogre's strongest move.
  "Heheheh, it's all in the strategy Abi and now it's our turn!" Sary yelled to her sister, "Milotic now's your chance to use Mirror Coat!"
  "Loooo!" said the Milotic as it began to shine to use its move.
  "FISHY NOO!" yelled Abi.

Sary's Milotic successfully knocked out Abi's Kyogre. Now it was Abi's turn to have a devastated look on her face as she watched her sister embrace her Pokémon in joy. She still had one Pokémon left to send out and her sister still had all three, but she had to choose wisely. The rain created by Kyogre's ability ceased as well. 
  "Rach, do you mind explaining me what just happened..?" asked Jamie rubbing her eyes.
  "Of course Jamie!" Rach replied, "Mirror Coat is a move which delivers double the damage of the enemy Pokémon's move. Essentially, Sary's Milotic gave Abi's Kyogre a taste of its own medicine!"
  "Milotic, take a rest for now," Sary said while returning her Milotic to its Pokéball.
  "My.. My.. My Fishy..." Abi said as she returned her Pokémon to its Pokéball as well, she was still contemplating her next move.
  "Well, Abi? Ready to admit defeat?" asked Sary who was laughing knowing that she had an advantage.
  "NEVER!" yelled Abi as she threw her third and final Pokéball in to the field.
  "Psyduck!" cried the Pokémon as it emerged.
  "Pathetic. Out of ALL your Pokémon, you pick this weakling?" Sary said while giggling, "Heheheh, this will be over so quickly!"
  "Well are you ready to put your money where your mouth is?" responded Abi.
  "Fine!" Sary said throwing a Pokéball, "Time to end this Vaporeon!"
  "Va-poreon!" cried the Pokémon.
  "Ee-vee-vee-vee!" cheerfully said Jamie's Eevee, who appeared to recognize that the Vaporeon was one of its evolutions.
  "Huh?" Jamie said as she pulled out her Pokédex.
  "Vaporeon, the Bubble Jet Pokémon and one of Eevee's several evolutions. The fins on Vaporeon's body can forecast the weather as they begin to vibrate softly if a rainfall is in the near future!" said the Pokédex.
  "isn't that adorable!" Rach happily remarked, "little Eevee is cheering for the Vaporeon!"
  "Psyduck, it's your time to shine!" yelled Abi to her Pokémon.
  "Psy-aye-duck!" said the Pokémon which began to run towards the Vaporeon while holding its head.
  "Really?" sighed Sary, "Ok then... Vaporeon use Signal Beam!"
  "Pore-oon!" said the Pokémon as it used the move.
  "NOW PSYDUCK DODGE IT!" Abi yelled.
  "PSY!" said the Psyduck as it quickly jumped into the air dodging the attack and gracefully landed back on the ground.
  "Again, use Signal Beam Vaporeon and don't miss this time!" directed Sary.
  "Pore-oon!" said the Vaporeon which had run up closer to the Psyduck to prevent its attack from missing.
  "Hey Psyduck! Over here!" Abi said waving to her Psyduck with a smile on her face.
  "Duck?" said the Psyduck as it turned its head to the oncoming attack to look at its trainer and then took a direct Signal Beam attack to the back of its head.
  "What's Abi doing?" Jamie asked.
  "I haven't a clue!" responded Rach, "She seems quite confident against her sister nonetheless!"
  "Great job Vaporeon!" cheered Sary, "let's finish this off with an Aurora Beam attack!"
  "Heh, heheheh," said Abi with a smirk, "you're doing EXACTLY what I want you to do! Psyduck now use Telekinesis and throw the Vaporeon in to the air!"
  "Psy-duck!" said the Psyduck as it used the move.
  "Vaporeon!" yelled Sary.
  "Now Psyduck," Abi yelled confidently, "use Confusion while Vaporeon is still airborne!"
  "Psyduuck!" said the Psyduck as it released all the built up tension from its growing headache.

The Psyduck's Confusion hit Vaporeon and fell and crashed in to the ground. It was not knocked out, but it became confused due to the Psyduck's attack!
  "Amazing job Psyduck!" cheered Abi.
  "Duck!" said the Psyduck giving her a thumbs-up.
  "Ok, now use Zen Headbutt before her Vaporeon snaps out of confusion!" commanded Abi.
  "Vaporeon try and dodge it!" yelled Sary with a concerned tone of voice.
  "Pore-poreon," said the Vaporeon as it remained in the same place since it was still confused and knocked out by Psyduck's attack.
  "AMAZING JOB PSYDUCK!" Abi screamed of joy for her Pokémon.
  "Hah, I gave you that win!" said Sary to her sister, "remember, I still have the upper hand!"

Sary threw her next Pokéball on to the field and out emerged her third Pokémon. Everybody was sitting in suspense waiting for what Pokémon she'd use.
  "WAILORD!" cried the gargantuan Pokémon.
  "Wailord, the Float Whale Pokémon. As one of the largest Pokémon it can sometimes knock out opponents by crashing on to a nearby wave." said the Pokédex as Jamie scanned Sary's Pokémon.
  "Good luck trying to defeat my Wailord with your pesky little Psyduck," Sary said.
  "Heheh, say goodbye to your Psyduck then," replied Sary, "now Wailord use Heavy Slam and end this battle!"
  "WAAIL!" said the Wailord as it jumped in to the sky and begun it's descent on to Abi's Psyduck.
  "Now Psyduck, we prepared for the moment!" commented Abi, "use Protect!"
  "Psy!" said the Psyduck protecting itself from the Wailord's move.
  "You can't use Protect forever and until then we will be waiting!" Sary yelled.
  "Psyduck use this opportunity to use Telekinesis!" Abi shouted to her Pokémon.
  "Oh no you don't! Wailord wait for the moment the Psyduck's Protect wears off and use Scald," said Sary.
  "Wail," responded the Wailord while nodding towards its trainer.
  "NOW!" yelled Abi.

The moment Psyduck's Protect wore off, Wailord successfully used its Scald attack on Psyduck and burned its tail. Abi's Psyduck was distracted from using Telekinesis as it began running around in a circle trying to make the sensation disappear.
  "PSYYYYYY-AYE-AYE-AYE-AYE-AYE!" yelled Psyduck who was still running around in a circle.
  "Heavy Slam on Psyduck now Wailord!" Sary yelled.
  "WAIIL!" cried the Wailord as it jumped in the air once more.
  "Just as we practiced Psyduck!" Abi yelled to her Pokémon, "USE TELEKINESIS ON THE WAILORD NOW!"
  "PSYYYYY!" yelled the Psyduck who was only faking its actions to fool Sary and her Pokémon.

Abi repeated her Telekinesis and Confusion combination attacks on Sary's Wailord. The impact from the crash in to the ground was powerful enough to knock out her Wailord and left everybody completely flabbergasted. 
  "I have to admit, I underestimated you Abigail," Sary said and threw back her Milotic's Pokéball back on to the field, "let's see if Psyduck can still take on my strongest Pokémon!"

To be Continued...
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Kingdoms on 23 April 2018 10:25 PM
Sary is so bad fire her from Elite Four!
Sary on 21 April 2018 6:13 AM
Sary on 21 April 2018 6:12 AM
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