Episode 9: Research

Posted on 30 April 2018

The girls walked back over to the Pokémon Lab for their long-awaited tour of the facility. When they walked through the front door, Professor Jasaan was patiently waiting for Jamie's arrival since he was not aware of Sary and Abi's Pokémon battle which had just occurred. He was not concerned as he had just returned from his lunch break and had consumed enough Indian food to feed a family of 4 for a week.
  "Hello ladies," said Professor Jasaan, "ugh, I'm stuffed..."
  "Professor! We have a special guest with us right now!" Rach angrily whispered in to the professor's ear.
  "Oh is it the one that hides in the bushes?" asked the Professor out loud.
  "Score!" Abi exclaimed.

Jamie and Rach had a look of embarrassment on their faces, but to their surprise Sary remained quite lively. She was not disappointed at all by the professor's question. Even after the Pokémon battle she just had with Abi, it was nice to see her sister in a positive mood as well.
  "Professor, it's the other girl," Rach instructed.
  "Which one," asked Professor Jasaan, "Rach I don't think Jamie is that speci–"
  "PROFESSOR!" interrupted Rach, preventing the insult he was about to mention in front of Jamie.
  "I think she means me," replied Sary, "I'm Sary of the Elite Four and it is a pleasure to meet you."
  "Ooo, Elite Four you say," said Professor Jasaan enthusiastically, "I hear your Pokémon are amazingly fed!"
  "Uhm, I guess so...?" responded Sary.
  "Professor, when will we be getting to see some of your research?" asked Jamie.
  "Right, I forgot because I was thinking about all the delicious food Sary's Pokémon have eaten," said Professor Jasaan, "let's begin this tour! Please follow Rach and myself."

The girls followed the Pokémon Professor and his assistant down the hallway. Jamie noticed several awards and pictures hung up on the walls, she could tell that Professor Jasaan was renowned for his research efforts. The Professor was talking to Rach about their upcoming project. He was really trying to seem interesting in front of his guests. The group walked in to one of the Pokémon Lab's indoor training facilities.
  "This is one of the rooms I use to conduct one of my many research studies," announced Professor Jasaan to the group.
  "We don't care, show us something cool," responded Abi.
  "Abigail!" Sary yelled softly while giggling because she secretly agreed with her sister
  "I think what Abi means, is that she wants to see a Pokémon of yours," Rach suggested to Professor Jasaan.
  "Then let me show you a good friend of mine," said Professor Jasaan as he threw a Pokéball, "come on out!"
  "Snorlaaax," cried the Pokémon.
  "What a lazy looking Pokémon," remarked Jamie.
  "You didn't give us a chance to blow your minds yet!" responded Professor Jasaan, yet it only made the girls all want to laugh even more, "Snorlax is my trusty taste-tester, he can eat just about anything."
  "Snore snore," said the Snorlax while scratching its belly.
  "Snorlax are you ready to blow their socks off?" asked Professor Jasaan eagerly.

Before Professor Jasaan could demonstrate anything with his Snorlax, it rolled over and fell asleep. The girls were giggling quietly, including Rach, who was smirking and trying to prevent herself from bursting out in to laughter.
  "I guess we should show our guests some of our other facilities," said Professor Jasaan who was clueless to their reaction, "what do you think Rach?"
  "I think that's a wonderful idea professor!" Rach replied.

Jamie, Sary, and Abi followed Professor Jasaan and Rach through the Pokémon Lab's hallway to another room. Jamie was beginning to be amazed to see all the data the professor had collected on all sorts of Pokémon eating habits and food groups. He even spoke about some of his 'mad' scientist stories! The group continued walking down another hallway. Suddenly, Abi caught a glimpse of a door which had a sign saying 'KEEP OUT!' on it. It was down an intersecting hallway and the same sign was posted on a vault door.
  "Abi," said Jamie noticing her friend who stopped walking, "is something up?"
  "Girls, the tour is going this way!" Rach yelled from down the hall.
  "Where does this hall lead to?" Abi asked.
  "Nowhere, now come with us!" Professor Jasaan replied.

Without warning, the two lights above the vault door began to flash bright red.
  "Professor..." Jamie announced nervously, "I think you should come see this..."
  "What's going on," asked Professor Jasaan, "why do you sound so worried?"
  "Professor I think we have a code zeta theta iota!" Rach remarked.
  "I don't know what that means," replied Professor Jasaan.
  "But you invented our code system?" Rach replied.

Everybody felt a sudden tremor in the Pokémon Lab and the lights flickered.
  "I think we have no choice but to deal with this head on Rach," yelled Professor Jasaan as he ran towards the door, "girls please stay back and let us handle this."
  "What should we expect?" asked Sary.
  "What IS EVEN behind that door?" asked Jamie.
  "I HOPE IT'S SOMETHING I CAN DEFEAT CHOONG WITH!" Abi yelled ecstatically.
  "Wait, I have another question, why does a Pokémon Professor who studies FOOD evidently have something that is more dangerous than food in his Pokémon Lab?" Jamie wondered.
  "For research!?" Professor Jasaan replied with a sassy tone of voice.

Professor Jasaan and Rach quickly opened the door, and the group quickly entered the room. The room was flashing red and appeared similar to a scene from a sci-fi movie Jamie had recently watched. All they needed to find now was the monster, or whatever is creating the tremors. The lights flickered once more, yet the room was dead silent. They were the only ones in the room. Where could it be hiding?
  "Up there," screamed Rach, "on the ceiling!"
  "No, it can't be!" Sary remarked.

To be continued...
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Abi on 30 April 2018 1:41 PM
it was an @ankaboot
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